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Moroccan Argan Series

(For Dry/Dull/Frizzy Hair)

The amber-coloured Moroccan Argan oil takes its name from the country where it originated – Morocco. It is derived from the fruit of the native Argan tree. Since at least 600 BC, the Phoenicians relied on the oil for its healing and beauty properties. And for centuries thereafter, life in that corner of the world, most notably for the North African people, has been deeply connected to the tree’s deep roots.

Moroccan Argan Hair Shampoo

Formulated with Natural Argan & Borage Seed Oil to pamper, soften and protect all hair types. It strengthens the hair shaft and adds volume & gloss lost over time. It rebalances the Scalp while minimizing dryness, oiliness and dandruff. It imparts a remarkable shine, an amazingly fresh & natural feeling. Containing the strongest anti – oxidant properties found in nature and linoleic acid (Omega 6), Omega 9, Vitamin E and Squalene, Moroccan Argan has unique restorative and therapeutic properties. It reconditions the scalp by minimizing dehydration, oiliness and dandruff.

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Moroccan Argan Hair Mask

Intensive conditioning to perfectly balance, nourish and strengthen your hair thereby promoting a light & fresh feeling. It makes styling easy while protecting against sun exposure and chemical treatments.

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Moroccan Argan Hair Moisturizer

Perfect Hair Moisturiser styles & nourishes your hair. Perfect to use throughout the day allowing you to instantly style even the most stubborn of hair while leaving it feeling soft & light.

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Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

Ideal product for softer, silkier and shinier hair. Massaging the scalp with this unique Argan Oil before or after hair wash stimulates the circulation of blood to the scalp and helps remove dryness from the scalp. Ideal for unbalanced scalp related problems.

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