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Body Care

A wonderful way to care for your body, Style strives to promote you enduring softness and flexibility while strengthening tissues and keeping the skin silky-smooth. When it comes to Skin, we bring you our unique formulation, which is based on NAA (Natural Anti-Ageing) technology, and enriched with natural Moroccan Argan Oil/Oblepicha Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Borage Seed Oil.

Body Lotion

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Power packed with vitamins and all four essential fatty acids omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9, Oblephica is believed to promote even and smoother skin texture. The oil is extracted from the yellow seeds of a thorny bush and is very beneficial in treating sunburn, radiation damage, skin inflammation, pigmentation disorders and ageing. Highly effective in restoring damaged skin, Oblepicha body lotion has both regenerative and cell restoration properties. Rich in vitamin A, E & C content, it is a vital resource for keeping skin healthy and well-nourished. Quickly absorbed, it protects skin from environmental threats and leaves it with a delicate, delightful fragrance.

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Spa Elixir

Pedicure Series

With each stage having carefully woven by professionals, the 6-step nourishment process of the Pedicure Spa Elixir Series is precisely a multifunction combination of effective ingredients that facilitates complete skin rejuvenation and fortification.

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