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Unbalanced Scalp Issues

There are many kinds of imbalances that can happen in your scalp but all have a common root, which is lack of nourishment to the scalp. Further such imbalances lead to problems like dandruff, hair loss, flaky & itchy scalp. Most people follow a regimen for their hair but ignore their scalp health. It is necessary to keep the scalp hydrated and healthy so that the hair growth is consistent and without any hurdle. Our Scalp Mask is there to provide ameliorate and balance the scalp nutrition.

Mud Scalp Facial

(In-salon treatment only)

Style Aromatherapy’s Mud Scalp Mask rich in Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and Boron known for its therapeutic properties is specially formulated to recover & balance your scalp & to detoxify the scalp from unwanted impurities. This intensive deep scalp treatment formula is a combination of pure Dead Sea minerals and aroma therapeutic oils to heal & soothe dry, flaky, itchy & sensitive scalp.

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Keratin Scalp Treatment

(Suitable for all hair types)

Style Aromatherapy’s Keratin Scalp Mask’s unique formula ensures a long lasting protection of your scalp & tackles all scalp related issues like dry, flaky, itchy & sensitive scalp. This Salt/ SLS/SLES free formula is specially designed for after Keratin & hair smoothening treatment. Using any product containing salt to your Keratin treated hair will not only damage the hair but also strip off its outer layer thus taking away the shine & smoothness. The natural ingredients & aromatherapeutic oils present in it provide deep nourishment to your scalp thereby keeping it healthy.

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