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Our love for shopping on those bright sunny days and wanting that perfectly styled hair for each occasion whether its wedding, party, movie night or for work, the stress that we put our hair through is equally proportionate to the hair damage. Style helps you enjoy what you love without compromising on the quality of your hair with its wide range of products specifically designed to address the issue.

Dry, Damaged and Coloured Hair

Our hair is fibres with strength. It is a fact that a single strand of nourished hair has more strength than a steel string of equal diameter. Is there any magic to achieve strong, shiny and damage-free hair. We say, Yes there is!!! Style's Intensive Repair Series products are the ultimate magical solution for this.

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Hair Loss & Dandruff Issues

Many things weaken your hairs’ structure and strength, and cause them to detach more easily. Apart from chemical treatment and UV exposure, Dandruff is one major cause of hair-loss. It causes dryness in your scalp and makes the hair roots weaker. Using the correct products and daily shampooing and conditioning with our PRO Series products can do a pretty good job of reversing the damaging.

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Keratin Treated, Straightened and Smoothened Hair

Too much experimentation and artificial styling of hair reduces their tensile strength and makes them prone to damage and breakage. To combat the harmful chemical effects on your hair, use the most natural products. Keratin Series’ products return the grace and strength to your hair and also protect them against chemicals.

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Dry, Dull & Frizzy Hair

Studies suggest on average a woman spends 26 years of her life dealing with bad hair days, which means 156 days a year, 3 days in a week. With growing pollution and stress that equation may go up. Moroccan Argan series Enriched with essential fatty acids and omega3, transports lost proteins for strength, infused with antioxidants for protection from heat, styling and environmental damage is specially designed to take care of your frizzy, dull, dry, damaged hair caused by modern day to day problems.

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Unbalanced Scalp Issues

There are many kinds of imbalances that can happen in your scalp but all have a common root, which is lack of nourishment to the scalp. Most people follow a regimen for their hair but ignore their scalp health. It is necessary to keep the scalp hydrated and oiled up so that the hair growth is consistent and without any hurdle. Our Scalp Mask is there to provide ameliorate and balance the scalp nutrition.

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